The new era of light, design and quality.

AMLITE, is a new brand of Guido Ammirata s.r.l., a historic company in Milan, present in the entertainment market since 1949 with special light bulbs of all kinds.

With this brand we offer headlights for the show of import built according to our requests both from an electronic and aesthetic point of view, which can be used by pubs, medium and large clubs and service for live shows.

The fundamental things that distinguish our new line are: the important quality control service, the supply of the most important devices for light counters on the market, and an after-sales service that guarantees spare parts and forklifts for our customers, beyond the classic guarantee provided directly by us for 12 months after purchase.

To try our products you can come directly to the showroom of our office in Via Pietro Marocco 13 in Milan or directly to the customer by prior arrangement.
For any information, please contact us at